100% ORGANIC – Triticale

Cover crop for the cool season. An exciting variety of cereal grains has several advantages, especially in orchards and vineyards. due to its vast root system and its enormous amount of top growth, produces a significant amount of organic matter.

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100% ORGANIC  – Triticale
Application Rate: 2-4 lb/1000 sq ft or 60-80 lb/acre.
No inoculation is necessary.
5 to 10 days for germination
Height of Plant: 5′
Uses: During the rainy season, Trios enhances water penetration and erosion management due to its tenacious root system. You can use this crop to absorb more nitrogen.
Compared to Merced Rye or Barley, it produces more organic matter. It will continue to grow if you mow it in the spring to a height of 3 inches.

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