Cover Crop – Biomaster Peas


Fast-growing, Biomaster peas are superior forage and biomass production. Biomasters is a pea with thick veins, big leaves, and pink blooms. The majority of the pea’s production is completed in 45 to 60 days following planting. It is a great plow-down crop, delivering high amounts of nitrogen for successive cropping seasons because of its quick growth. According to university studies, Biomasters is one of the best legumes for fixing nitrogen and yields more than other pea varieties cultivated in the fall. Any cover crop or green manure crop needs to include Biomaster peas.

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Cover Crop – Biomaster Peas
Drill/Rowz: 45-50 lbs/acre
Depth:1-1 1/2 inch
Preferred Soil: Sandy or Clay Loam
Preferred Soil pH: 5.8-7.5

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