Cover Crop – Cereal Ryegrain


The hardiest of all cereals, cereal rye can be planted later into the fall since it has a larger planting window than other cover crops. The vast root system does a great job of retaining the soil in place and preventing erosion. It brings potassium from the deeper layers of the soil to the surface and has great weed-suppression properties. Cereal rye is also good nitrogen scavenger and functions as a pest suppressor by assisting in the reduction of root-knot nematodes and other damaging nematodes.

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Cover Crop – Cereal Rye grain

  • Grass & Cereal: Cool Season
  • Germination Temp: 34 ℉
  • Emergence Time: 5 – 8 days
  • Drill: 50 – 90 lbs. per acre
  • Aerial Or Surface Seeding: 60 – 108 lbs. per acre

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