PASTURE GRASSES – Spring Green Festulolium


Spring Green is both cold and drought tolerant, a high yielder, and very adaptable. A  cross between fescue and tetraploid ryegrass, capitalizing on the strengths of each, including quick germination and fast establishment, highly palatable and easily digestible, relative feed value similar to tetraploid ryegrass, but better summer grazing over ryegrass, especially under higher temperatures. Deeper rooted than ryegrass.




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PASTURE GRASSES – Spring Green Festulolium

Seeding Rate

New Pastures. 25-30 lbs/ac
Overseeding  15-20 lbs/ac
In Mixes with Legumes  15-20 lbs/ac

Planting Dates

Sow in early spring or fall for the best establishment.


Additional information

Weight 50 lbs

10lb, 25lb, 50lb