Red, Medium Clover


Medium Red Clover is a legume ideal for use as a cover crop to aerate the soil or to feed crops in between seasons. Quick-Growing, Perennial. This legume can grow in a wide range of soil types and climatic conditions with relative ease. As a Groundcover it works as a weed-suppressor, it is bee-friendly, spreads/naturalizes easily and is simple to grow.

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Red, Medium Clover

10 lbs covers 1.5 acres
25 lbs covers 3 acres
50 lbs covers 6.25 acres

Plant seed in Fall or Spring: The ideal time is usually in the spring, once temperatures have reached a consistent 60 F and there is no more danger of frost. If planting in the fall, wait until after a few killing frosts so seeds will lie dormant until spring.

Planting as a Cover Crop or Green Manure
If you’re planting clover to replenish nutrients, suppress weeds or more, planting in early to mid fall. Let the grass grow until frost. In spring, mow before it goes to seed and then till the earty. Planting new crops After 3-6 weeks.

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10lb, 25lb, 50lb