Romeo 18-6-12


Slow-Release 18-6-12 Fertilizer is great for growing things and nourishing in the fall. Its 3:1:2 ratio makes it the perfect nursery stock for greenhouses and containers. The nutritional core is shielded by the polymeric resin layer. The core is subsequently dissolved into the surrounding soil/media when water vapor eventually breaks through this shell. For application rates, see below.

Guaranteed analysis:
Nitrogen (18%),
phosphorus (6%), and
potassium (12%)
Format: Granular
Product Benefits
A single application lasts 8 to 9 months
Excellent for propagation and fall feeding
Ideal ratio for greenhouse and container nursery stock
Industry standard in controlled-release nutrition
Helps deliver bigger, greener plants
Product Features
Slow-release fertilizer
Granular format
Polymeric resin coating

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs