Berceem Clover


An excellent, quick-growing annual legume that can be used in the summer or the winter. Comparable nutritional content to alfalfa without giving ruminant species bloat. A good source of protein (15-20% DM) that can be grazed fresh, chopped for hay, or ensiled. Due to its rapid growth and capacity to fix nitrogen, it is also utilized as a cover and green manure crop. “Bee-friendly” because blooms, unlike alfalfa, lack a tripping mechanism and provide a meal that fully satisfies their dietary requirements.

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Berceem Clover

Uses: Hay for pasture
Improved Soil (Green manure)
Protecting the soil (Cover Crop)

8–12 lb/a (9–13.5 kg/ha) if drilled, and 15-20 lb/a (17–22 kg/ha) if broadcast is the recommended seeding rates for pure stands. 30-60 lb/a (34-67 kg/ha) of oats can be utilized as a companion crop. If mixed, use 3-5 lb/a (3.4-5.6 kg/ha) of berseem clover. The production potential with irrigation is up to 8 tons DM/a. When basal shoots are 12 to 15 inches (30 to 38 cm) long and starting to grow in grazing systems, graze before flowering at a distance of no more than 3 inches (8 cm). Cut hay or silage 50–60 days after planting for both (when the companion crop is in the early heading stage).

When exposed to temperatures below 20 °F (-7 °C) for several days, the majority of berseem clover die.

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